Resources for Presidents and Board Members

Stop Thinking of Fundraising As The Responsibility of Only The Advancement Staff

“If a professional conference does not challenge your thinking and provide a means to grow your skill set then it is nothing more than a series of lectures and social events. This conference exceeded my expectations and reinvigorated my professional perspective. Well-executed concepts were reinforced with hands on planning that has jump-started meaningful program changes in our office. It made all the difference to bring a group. We collaborated as a team at the conference and set the planning and activities in motion here ever before we returned to campus. This is more effective than returning home as an individual and trying to affect change.” – Client University Foundation CEO

The training we offer is for presidents, chief financial officers, board members, chief advancement officers and others.  Our purpose is to help institutions determine exactly where investment will yield the greatest returns, while building specific financial outcomes.  The case is simple: presidents and CFO’s who emphasize that smart, collaborative senior teams work to create “a whole shop” mentality, will:

    • Raise significantly more money than lone individual gift officers.
    • Best apply the money already budgeted to advancement.
    • Show where new investment would make the greatest difference.


From Charity to Philanthropy

The institution and nonprofit industry is mature and undergoing a fundamental shift, where new attitudes and increased competition for philanthropic

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Beyond the Myths

Whether speaking of the president of a college, nonprofit, medical center or research institute, it has become axiomatic to assert that he or she must be a fundraiser

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Culture is Key

Presidents who aspire to fundraising success must dedicate themselves to the necessities of that task, but commitment to meeting, greeting, and  asking prospects, no matter the miles traveled

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A Study in Contrasts

To illustrate the difference between fundraising and creating conditions that foster philanthropy, let us contrast two newly-minted presidents

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The Board

Often, your board of trustees is the group of people the president spends the most focused time with. However, how can you guarantee you have

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From Category to Objective

President and Board leaders who give the most forethought to how and where private support can make the greatest difference stand the greatest

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Loyalty & Talent

Presidents are only as good as their systems.  It is best if the Institutional Rep is the President.  A slow moving system, recognizing Loyalty is the single

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What Alumni Want

Key alumni donors want to feel a part of the institution community, not simply to be valued and contacted because of their capacity to give.

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The Board Chair

The chairman should understand that successful boards have members that know the Top 30 donors to the institution.  This information is to be highlighted

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