A Focus On Outcome

Annual ROI

We will undertake work that results in a direct revenue increase to the clients, measured on a annual basis of more than 30%, with a shared responsibility for implementation and outcomes.

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Year On Year Growth

Institutional funding is in its 20th year of decline; the rules for success have changed and our defined approach to philanthropy is predicated on specific methods, messages & outcomes.

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Skills Transferred

We will only enter into collaborative relationships in which the responsibility is shared; skills are transferred to the client, and dependence on us is gradually diminished.

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Behavioral Changes

We will implement onsite training and workshops that result in demonstrable behavior changes in the development & funding performance, as determined by donor feedback and revenue.

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…………..75% of All People Are Charitable, 25% Are Not:

Why It Matters


  • I just received and read the excerpt from your book on 'Fundraising for Deans" and want to say thank you for providing an excellent guide to how to handle a donor/prospect interview.
    Advancement Vice President
  • "... It made all the difference to bring a group. We collaborated as a team at the conference and set the planning and activities in motion here ever before we returned to campus. This is more effective than returning home as an individual and trying to affect change.”
    CEO University Foundation
  • Here's to a continuing relationship between you and (University), to our contemporary success, and to future generations of (University) advancement personnel saying, "Boy, that group from 2010-2025 sure left us with a bounty of fruit to harvest, in systems, relationships, and supporters."
    VP Advancement, five months after replacing consultant with Langley Innovations
  • It was a great day for the team yesterday, one that fed our intellects and spirits, and certainly inspired our staff concerning our work and vocational callings---sort of a conversational and creative feast. Thank you for leading us through the day.
    VP Advancement
  • I’m sure I’m just one of many VPs who are writing to say that I’m looking forward to the conference next week in Orlando that you are leading. Your (time) here last winter has proven to be invaluable. Our Discovery Project was a huge success.

    Client College VP, Pacific Northwest
  • Qualitative instructor feedback from Workshop attendees

    - Best I have heard in the field. Brilliant and engaging speaker utilizing a plethora of knowledge.

    - Smart, articulate, seasoned, strategic, a deep well of information and experience. There is no better.

    - Thank you for your time, talents, and treasures!  I wish my President could have been here.

    - Fantastic. I'm grateful for these 2 days. Easily one of the best conferences I've attended.

    Participant feedback following conference