Resources for Advancement Staff: Fundraising, Development, Donor Care


Connecting to Your Development Officer

Your Development Officer should come to your first meeting with an in-depth analysis of the College’s prospect pool. That pool should be tiered according

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Academic Excellence

It is the sine qua non of any credible institution of higher learning but the phrase is time worn and has been used to justify the status wars of the past three

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Dollars Up, Donors Down

“ We met all of our goals but the dollars have not changed in 3 years”.   If you find yourself in this position, then you may have need for revamping

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The President's Time

Advancement going forward will require a compelling narrative about audacious-but attainable aspirations, backed up by analyses, assessments, and projections

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Emerging Realities

Development professionals make a repeated mistake when they assume donors can be moved in similar ways.  Also be wary of a consultants attempt to import tactics

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Your Message?

Advancement leaders must condition expectations about what fundraising can and cannot do, being sensitive not to advance ideas that do not correspond

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There is a more certain way to building greater and more sustainable private support.  It is not a mere assertion.

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