Fundraising For Deans: A Guide

Just Released: 32 sold on first day!  Deans are expected to engage alumni and fundraise actively for their college; yet, most have received little training or support in that endeavor. In this monograph, Jim Langley demystifies fundraising for deans and offers a practical guide for how deans can manage their involvement in every stage of the fundraising effort to attain significant gifts for their institution.

Core to Langley’s approach is the philosophy that the dean’s primary role in fundraising is not exclusively to ask for money but to create the conditions that attract significant philanthropic investments.

Read this guide for an innovative primer on:

  • How the dean can take a lead role in defining the case for support and identifying inspiring projects defined by specific objectives rather than by categories of need
  • The respective roles and responsibilities of the dean, faculty, and the college development staff
  • How deans can work most effectively with the president, the central advancement office, and their development officer
  • The dean’s specific role in donor stewardship, campaigns, volunteer management, and making the ask

For more information or to purchase, click here. 


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