Our True Difference

There is a ‘most certain‘ way toward achieving greater fundraising results. They are the by-product of assiduous community building, of providing meaning and giving hope to one’s supporters and adherents, and of repeatedly demonstrating how increased levels of investment produce higher rates of institutional performance and service.

more certainty

We look at a wide range of indicators to determine giving feasibility, not just the traditional capacity analysis in which a firm projects potential giving on the basis of past giving and current prospect ranking.  We look at the strength and cohesion of the leadership triangle: the President, Board Chair, and Vice President for Advancement; the sophistication and training of all personnel who will enjoy front line roles (including senior academic and administrative officers), and the strengths of your priorities as translated into giving concepts.



Below, sample programmatic steps are summarized, highlighting the path for the most immediate financial impacts, followed by actions that yield a greater return, but take longer to implement:


Objectives: The goals for this project include:

  • A program ROI exceeding 530%.
  • Producing 80% of short-term revenue from donors segmented in your data.
  • A radical decline in the time invested by the President and Advancement VP, for donor relation activities that do not pay off in donor gifting.
  • A reduction to zero of donor complaints about the university only contacting them for their money.

Measures of Success:  Our metrics will include:

  • Monthly reports of new donors by type and capacity to give.
  • A personal journal of time allocation for the President.
  • A quarterly report from Advancement, detailing the incident of donor complaints & changing perceptions, by constituent type.

Value to the Organization:  The value to Client College will include:

  • A reduction in wasted time and expense for Development professionals.
  • Larger average donor contribution from ‘new’ donors.
  • More positive exchange with current donors, bringing meaning and increased giving from the alumni and friends.
  • A freeing up of 20% of the President’s time.