“A More Certain Way” Is Not A Mere Assertion.

American philanthropy is a marketplace. It is made up of individuals with strong values and points of view. They seek to advance their values, to make a quantifiable and lasting differences through the investments they make in just causes and worthy institutions.  We have an enormous amount of information as to:

  • Who these “true philanthropists” are
  • Which of their characteristics are predictive of generosity
  • Which concepts excite their greatest interest and investment
  • How to best engage them by degrees
  • How to methodically convert initial awareness into support
  • How to engage them in the most productive gift negotiations
  • How to bring them in as full, loyal and lasting partners

philanthropy 2We know these things from our track records of remarkable and repeated successes at various institutions and by studying the anatomy of philanthropic success across organizations and over decades.  We see certain truths and patterns in all significant and lasting successes.  These are the guideposts to a more certain way.

We see few organizations that are fully aware of these guideposts or using them to make the most strategic use of their finite resources.  We see too many bringing a false urgency to their efforts or applying the same strategies regardless of where their prospects may fall in what we characterize as “the vector of shared purposes.” As a result, they expend considerable resources and great effort with too little return.  They find themselves in awkward situations with donors and prospects, or watch their support decline, without knowing why.

Langley Innovations know why people give or don’t give.  We know how to make solicitations far more successful by creating the right conditions and respecting the more gradual but certain pace of philanthropic decision making.

We provide a more certain way to significant and sustainable results.  Through our proprietary and customized analyses, we convert your data to three projected ROI scenarios. We commit ourselves to those ROI targets by calculating our fee as a percentage, and we give you the choice as to which return you want to pursue, with us as your partners every step of the way. It is, undeniably, the more certain way.