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The findings are from the report Informed Giving: What Donors Want and How Nonprofits Can Provide It, based on research generously funded by the Hewlett Foundation.

They work with an independent research firm to conduct qualitative and quantitative surveys of more than 200 Fidelity Charitable donors with donor-advised funds to learn more about the types and formats of information they are interested in receiving. This report focuses on the 71 percent of respondents who reported that they regularly or sometimes give to new social causes or nonprofits each year.

Here are some findings that I thought were particularly relevant:

  • Donors want to better understand the social issue being addressed: Of the donors giving regularly or sometimes to new charities/causes, 57 percent actively seek out information about social causes.
  • Donors care about the impact a nonprofit is having: As many as 75 percent of donors use information about the nonprofit’s impact, while 63 percent use information about the social issue the nonprofit addresses.
  • Benchmarking nonprofit performance is important: If information were readily available and accessible, the number of donors using benchmarking information would increase by 47 percent points, followed by the number of donors using information about best practices (44 percent).
  • Donors have an overwhelming preference for using third-party sources: When looking for ratings/ reviews/recommendations, fundraising or overhead costs, and benchmarking data, donors turn to sources like GuideStar and Charity Navigator.
  • Donors are interested in concise formats and comparative data: Donors indicated a strong interest in side-by-side (70 percent) and comparative formats (62 percent) in which nonprofits are compared against key metrics.


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