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We are in this business because we want to create a greater and more productive juncture between two of the greatest and most positive forces of our culture: philanthropy, higher learning, and the social sector.

Since 2010, Langley Innovations has emerged as one of the most respected strategic consulting and training firms in the philanthropic / nonprofit sector. Headquartered in Frederick, Maryland with affiliates across the United States, we bring decades of expertise to institutions and organizations dedicated to improving the human condition. From the beginning, we embraced the notion that “true philanthropy begins with true intentions” and it has been our primary intention from to help organizations achieve fundraising success. Our unique ability is rooted in designing certainty into the process of development, annual fundraising, donor care, and long-term sustainable gifts. Over the past 6 years, we have assisted and inspired over 80 institutions through consultation and training. We are proud to have aggregated a world-class team with over 125 years of collective experience help you find a more certain way forward. To learn more about our services or our leadership team:

“To become the college/organization that (1.) best converts the collective might of its alumni into the shaping of a more perfect institution of higher learning and the most purposeful guidance of young lives and (2.) best encourages and empowers its alumni to affiliate in pursuit of improving the human condition.”

The Langley Innovations Advantage

Langley Innovations has engaged in extensive behavioral research that reveals remarkable insight into who gives most loyally and generously, why they do so, and which practices serve as barriers or gateways to their greater giving. This research, which has involved face-to-face forensic interviews with thousands of donors across the country, as well as extensive telephone interviews, is very different from the number crunching analytics of many firms. We believe our advantage comes from the deep and extensive listening we have done and how we are able to teach others to do the same.

The Team

Langley Innovations offers a full-service team of coaches and proven leaders in philanthropy and data. Regardless of the challenge you or your institution is facing, we can and will help.