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In the past six years, the aperture of Langley Innovations has continued to widen in an effort to help our clients respond to evermore challenging realities. In that time, we have moved from a sole focus on fundraising, feasibility and campaign readiness exploration to a comprehensive model of strategic resource development. This broadening of mission is in direct response to dramatic shifts in the economic and demographic forces that are revealing significant weaknesses in the business models employed by institutions of higher learning for the past forty years.

The choices are increasingly clear; there is real peril for those who continue to rely on old models and real hope for those who are willing to rethink outdated assumptions. Moody’s, which last year gave American higher education a negative grade for its financial outlook, has called for “bolder actions by university leaders to reduce cost and improve operational efficiency.” Langley Innovations is helping its clients respond to that call.

We continue to provide “a more certain way” for annual and sustainable fundraising revenue by applying sophisticated research and long experience to the building of enduring models, not just those that will help institutions limp along or lurch at speculative ventures. We have successfully influenced operational changes to philanthropic processes, by:

  • Assisting over 50 clients
  • Training thousands through Academic Impressions, CASE, AFP, CCU, AGB
  • Publishing 3 Monographs, and numerous higher education articles.

Fundraising for Presidents , Fundraising for Deans, and Fundraising for Boards

Now, we are seeing consistent trends across a broader spectrum:

High donor attrition and dissatisfaction

Decreasing number of college applicants

Turnover of staff in advancement

Low graduation and retention rates of students

Mismanagement of staff time and priorities

Lack of engagement of volunteers, especially board members

We are linking Philanthropy, Total Resource Planning, and Strategic Revenue Development into what we call: Building Blocks of Culture. We engage in deep and broad analyses of institutional revenue patterns to define present and future risks for the institution as it relates to an institutions’ revenue mix. With that information, we lay out strategies for optimizing revenue from the most viable existing sources, developing new sources that are a natural extension of the institution’s unique assets and core competencies, and minimizing reliance on any single or dominant source.

In a study done by the National Association of Colleges and University’s Business Officers, 73% of all Chief Financial Officers in Higher Education expressed concern about the viability of their institution’s underpinning economic model. Our work has shown that those concerns are well placed. Yet, we are confident that the challenging corners can be turned and institutional relevance can be restored with modest adaptions and practical alignments to new realities.

We do not offer single solutions to multiple institutions; we help each find its way forward with customized strategies that seek to protect and enhance their unique values and purposes.

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